The Brewery

The brewery is located in a 15th century Gothic building, it was opened on the thirteenth day of the month and its name comes from a king who loved the joys of life and whose heart rests in one of Toruń's basilicas. Intriguing? It sure is! Jan Olbracht Old Town Brewery is an atmospheric place, full of unusual stories, interesting people, family dinners and friendly meetings. It is also one of the few place in Poland that offers beers brewed on site as well as craft beers from other craft breweries. To put it short – we always have a lot of good beer and great atmosphere and our cellar with a multitap is a place for beer-lovers who like to experiment with unique flavours.

For those of you that are in a hurry but would like one more sip of our beer we offer non-pasteurised beer to go in 0.33l or 0.75l bottles.

Do you know what makes Jana Olbracht's beer taste so good? The answer lies in the unique recipes, vats that can brew 1000l of beer in a single go and 10 one-thousand litres tanks from which beer is poured straight into mugs. Thanks to this it keeps its natural aroma, freshness and coolness at an optimum level. And this is only part of the success, the rest is delivered by an exceptional brewer. Mirosław Gałka and his team work with us from the very beginning. His knowledge of beer is admirable. His experience and skills were confirmed among other by the award of a sliver medal at the largest Polish beer contest - Chmielaki in 2013, as well as by gold medals at Birofilia 2012 and the Poznań Craft Beer Contest in 2016.

After making a previous appointment our brewer can give you a tour of the brewery.


Jan Olbracht Old Town Brawery

ul. Szczytna 15
87-100 Toruń

tel. 797 903 333
Opening hours:

Mon. - Thu. 13:00 - 23:00
Fri. - Sat. 11:00 - 24:00
Sun. 11:00 - 22:00